Clear Music makes you deeply resonate with your audience.


Music Production


We offer bespoke music, from reimagined hits to original pieces.

Copyrights Clearance


Rely on us for seamless navigation through music rights complexities.

Sonic Branding


We create unique audio identities that deepen customer bonds.

Artist Partnerships


Our curated artists transform content into cultural experiences.

Music Platform


Access easy, stress-free licensing in our comprehensive music library.

Sound Design


Distinctive SFX and audio design, enriching your story’s narrative.



Film & VOD



Into The Heart

Clear Music lives to elevate inspiring brands and visionary creators of entertainment. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to reach your audience where it matters most: in the heart, through the ears. Our mission is singular: to bring your vision to life, delivering music and audio design that leaves a deep and lasting impact.


How can we help?

In need of music rights clearance or a bespoke music production? Schedule a meeting with one of our music supervisors and find out how the right music can elevate your production.