Clear Music helps you create meaningful stories. Touching your audience where it counts, in the heart, through the ears.

We produce, find and clear music for



Film & VOD


Leave a lasting impact

Clear Music lives to elevate inspiring brands and visionary creators of entertainment. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to reach their audiences where it counts: in the heart, through the ears.

By providing forward-thinking music supervision and music production, we use the power of sound to elevate storytelling in visual media. By piecing together the perfect soundtracks and pushing the boundaries of creative copyright licensing we are able to seamlessly connect the music and the visual elements, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.


Rights Clearance


With our expertise and experience, you can trust us to manage all the necessary legal requirements, leaving you free to create and innovate.

Music Production


We re-record popular hits and create original compositions, always tailored to your needs.

Sonic Branding


Our unique audio identities establish emotional connections, driving engagement and fostering customer loyalty.

Music Catalogue


Elevate your production with our extensive, high-quality music catalog, perfect for enhancing the impact of your branding, trailers, and commercials.

How can we help?

In need of music rights clearance or a bespoke music production? Schedule a meeting with one of our music supervisors and find out how the right music can elevate your production.