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Re-Recording Famous Evergreen Songs for Your Entertainment Trailer

Creating a buzzworthy entertainment trailer is no easy feat. One effective way to make your trailer memorable and impactful is to use a famous evergreen song. However, re-recording a popular hit requires careful consideration of several key steps.

Here are three essential steps that film and game publishers should consider when re-recording a famous evergreen song:

  • Choose a suitable song: The first step in re-recording a famous evergreen song is to choose a song that resonates with your target audience. Selecting a recognizable song can help grab the audience’s attention and make your trailer more memorable.
  • Obtain the necessary permissions: The process of obtaining permissions from copyright holders can be complex, and it’s essential to start early and ensure that all rights are cleared in time. This step can be time-consuming, but it’s crucial to protect your trailer from legal issues in the future.
  • Work with skilled musicians: Re-recording a famous song requires skilled musicians who can create a fresh, trailerized interpretation of the original. Choose a team that understands the entertainment industry and can create a new version of the song that complements your trailer.

Rights Clearance

Clear Music we guide you through the entire process, from music research and song selection to conducting recordings and liaising with the right holders. We offer Rights Clearance and Music Production services that manage all necessary legal requirements, so you can focus on creating and innovating.


Our team of skilled musicians can re-record popular hits and create original compositions that are tailored to your needs. Trust our expertise and experience to help you make a lasting impact with your entertainment trailer.

Re-recording famous evergreen songs is just one way to make your trailer stand out in the entertainment industry. Our team can also provide music supervision, sonic branding, and other services that can elevate your trailer to the next level.

Blue Monday (New Order Cover) - Sebastian Böhm

Memorable and Impactful

In conclusion, re-recording a famous evergreen song can be an effective way to create a memorable and impactful entertainment trailer. However, it’s crucial to follow these key steps to ensure that your trailer is legal, original, and tailored to your target audience. With our expertise and experience, you can create a trailer that stands out in the entertainment industry.

To learn more about how Clear Music can help you create a buzzworthy and impactful entertainment trailer, schedule a meeting with one of our music supervisors today.