Clear Music Supervision

Elevate the production value of your content with our expert music selection and rights clearance services. We understand the power of music in storytelling and the importance of finding the right tracks to shape the viewing experience for your audience. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced music supervisors will ensure that the music chosen for your production is not only legally and financially sound, but also creatively unique and fitting for the tone and style of your content.

Music takes us where words cannot.

― Henry Winkler

We find and license music for you.

Take the hassle out of music clearance and licensing and let us handle it all. Our connections with record labels, artists, composers, and publishers allow us to offer you the best options for the right music to fit the scene.

Our music supervisors are experts in seamlessly integrating music and sound design with the visuals in your film or VOD content, creating a cohesive and complementary final product. Trust us to bring your production to the next level with the perfect soundtrack.

Let’s talk music

Want to know more? Schedule a meeting with one of our music supervisors and find out how the right music can elevate your production.