Exceptional Trailer Music

Finding and licensing the perfect music for your game-, film-, or series trailer is an exciting but challenging process. You want to select or create a track that hits a perfect balance between being true to the content of the film or game, while having maximum impact with an unfamiliar audience.

In today’s music-for-media landscape, the amount of music to choose from seems endless. Do you go for source music from the film or game? A budget-friendly ‘stock’ track from one of the many excellent libraries? Or do you create a cover of a hit song with one of the world’s most renowned composers?

Your approach will most likely be guided by the specifics of the production – timing, budget and creative direction will all have a major influence on your decision. But if you’re not familiar with the music-for-media industry, it can be a major help to have a seasoned music supervisor by your side.

Clear Music makes it memorable. impactful. viral. emotional. human. relevant. meaningful. stick.

Why Clear Music?

  • Expert music knowledge for a tailored soundtrack
  • Full handling of licensing and clearance for hassle-free project management
  • Strong publisher connections for cost-effective licensing
  • Unique and creative ideas for a standout trailer


Epic Trailer Covers
Post Apocalyptic Trailer Tracks For Foresaken Wastelands
Epic Orchestral Trailer Tracks for Grand Adventures
Modern Spaghetti Western Trailer Music
Terrifying Horror Trailer Soundtracks
Suspenceful Tracks for Physiological Thrillers
Sci-Fi Trailer Tracks – Female Vox
Neo Classical Strings and Orchestral Pieces for Tense Scenes
Epic Female Vocal Trailer Tracks
Synth Electronic Punk Tracks for Cyberpunk Distopia

The Emotional Connection

Our team specializes in helping you find the perfect piece of music to communicate the feel and identity of your story while creating maximum impact with your target audience. If done successfully, the result is a strong and emotional connection between your project and your audience. We help you harness the power of sounds to forge impactful moments.

Let’s talk music

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