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Clear Music partners with Believe

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering up with Believe for sync representation in the Benelux. The creative output from the Believe artists is unmatched and their songs have found their way to many hearts and memories since the company’s start in 2005. They have been at the forefront of helping local artists around the world grow their career and become impactful. Their teams are experts in their field, well connected in all music ecosystems and passionate about the rich diversity of their local music scenes.

With an impressive roster of artists, including Petit Biscuit (pictured here), Jadu Heart, Novo Amor, FKJ, The Blaze, as well as era-defining releases from M83, Feeder, James Vincent McMorrow, Razorlight, Aqualung, Aquilo, and Max Cooper, the music from Believe has become inescapable over the past decade.

Sporting an extensive collection of songs, which has been streamed billions of times on Spotify, Believe have provided the soundtrack for countless moments. The authenticity of the music and the recognizability of these artists’ sounds and songwriting have landed them many syncs in advertising (Calvin Klein, Lancôme, McDonald’s, Gymshark, Google) and streaming (Stranger Things, Emily in Paris, Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror).

Clear Music has been building momentum over the past two years as a new sync agency. Supervising and supplying music for global campaigns with Lenovo, Henkel, Ferrero, and for trailers/promos with Netflix, Prime, Plaion, and many more. Representing Believe in the Benelux opens up many possibilities to match music and media, touching audiences where it counts; in the heart, through the ears.

We’re eager to start working with Believe and help their artists’ audiences grow even more, reaching new places and creating memories that last forever.

Interested in using any of the tracks from the Believe catalog for your film/series/commercial or trailer? Reach out to or plan a meeting via the contact form below!

Believe artist roster:

Petit Biscuit, Jadu Heart, Novo Amor, FKJ, The Blaze, Jeanne Added

As well as releases by

M83, Feeder, James Vincent McMorrow, Razorlight, Aqualung, Aquilo, Max Cooper

…and many, many more…

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