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Meet Our Newest Band Member: Roos!

We are excited to introduce you to our latest addition to the Clear Music family, Roos!

The Beginning of a Musical Journey

Roos’s adventure into the music world began at the age of 18 during an eye-opening gap year in London. It was there that she discovered her profound passion for the music industry, a passion that has since become the cornerstone of her career.

Academic and Professional Pursuits

While pursuing her studies in international music management, Roos had the invaluable opportunity to explore the impacts of music in media. This exploration not only solidified her career path but also allowed her to traverse the music landscape, gaining over 10 years of industry experience at a variety of reputable labels.

A Deep-Seated Love for Music in Film

Roos possesses a vast knowledge of music in film, and her passion for discovering new music aligns perfectly with our ethos at Clear Music. She believes that music has the power to make a scene or video truly memorable. Her favorite cinematic moment is the final scene of Cruel Intentions (1999), where “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve plays, enhancing the scene’s emotional impact.

An Interesting Tidbit

Here’s a fun fact that Roos likes to share: the song “Bittersweet Symphony” is based on a sample from a 1965 version of the Rolling Stones song “The Last Time” by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra. More recently, the writer credits were updated to include Richard Ashcroft, thanks to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Roos’s vast expertise and enthusiastic approach to music make her a perfect match for our team at Clear Music. We’re thrilled to have her on board and can’t wait to see the magic she brings to our projects.

Please join us in welcoming Roos to the Clear Music family!