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Clear Music Amsterdam partners up with Lemon Wax for Mutual Sync Representation

We’re very excited to announce that we’re partnering up with Lemon Wax for a mutual sync representation deal. When we met the Lemon Wax team in our Amsterdam office earlier this summer, we instantly fell in love with their diverse catalog of enticing tracks. Lemon Wax is one of the finest new record labels from Londen, their catalog is bursting with musical gems in lots of different styles, often brilliantly mixing electronic and acoustic elements, crossing the boundaries of genre-expectation.

The production quality of their catalog is of the highest order. All of the artists on the Lemon Wax roster are young and full of attitude, mostly UK-based and have been gathering an impressive amount of streams and listens in a short period of time. C.U.T., for example, has a staggering 1,5 million streams on Spotify.

From the dark, electronic pop of Butter to the upbeat, contemporary, swaggery tracks by C.U.T, the thumping dance music from Hush with clean cut sound design, to the hip hop- and soul influenced tracks by Hackney Blaze. These are tracks that are just as well suited for the dancefloor as for sync.

We are very excited to be working alongside Clear Music! We are always looking to collaborate with like minded individuals and organisations that share our goals and visions so this was always going to be a perfect fit. We can't wait to get the music of Lemon Wax out there and start working on some fresh and exciting work alongside one another

Amelia CaseLemon Wax - Creative Licensing Manager

Clear Music vows to deliver the best music for our clients, to help them move their marketing effort from content to culture. Our partnership with Lemon Wax will help us deliver on that promise. In our vision, the more original works of music are, the better the chances they have of connecting with the message of moving image and therefore resonate with an audience. The unapologetic uniqueness of the Lemon Wax artists makes us excited to move forward together!

Jarl HectorClear Music Amsterdam - ECD / Co-Founder