Music Search & Clearance

There’s no better way to instantly grab the eyes and ears of your audience than to use something they already know. Using a hit song, forming a partnership with an artist or referencing a famous IP are all guaranteed to be an efficient way to reach your target audience when chosen carefully.

With all of these options there is a rights clearance process involved. Whether you want to cover a Beatles-Song, use the likeness of a well known artist or public figure, or capitalize on the established audience of a different IP, permission has to be granted and (in most cases) a fee paid.

Clear Music is your expert partner in guiding through these processes- that includes liaising with the right holders of your dream copyright or IP. Our team is well-versed in the clearance process of any situation where creative meets legal. We will negotiate with right holders to come to establish the most favorable fee and terms for you, create and check contracts (and include renewal options), and make back up plans in case a desired route falls through.

Need to clear the copyright of a hit song? Leave the artist + track title in the form below and we’ll do a check to see what’s possible.

License Request Form

Which piece of music would you like to use for your project? Including additional details isn’t mandatory, but providing as much information as possible could significantly speed up the clearance process.