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Christmas Playlists For Advertising

It’s thát time of  year again, the holiday season is upon us and there’s no better moment than right now to start thinking about your Christmas campaigns and how to reach your audience in the most wonderful time of the year.

Music is one of the most effective ways to instantly put your audience in that Christmassy mood, which is why we offer a great selection of tracks for that very purpose – from Christmas classics in various genres (rock ‘n roll, neoclassical, smooth jazz) to contemporary, original tracks that have that feeling of joy, friendship, and family that we all love.

So whether you’re looking for a cozy retro-cool, fun spirited, emotional, epic or even rebellious X-mas; we’ve got you covered. Check out the playlists below to get the full scope of our Christmas-themed tracks and if you’re interested in licensing any of these, send a message to


Clear Music Internship 2023

Allround internship:

We are looking to expand our team with an intern who has the ambition to start working in the music (for media) industry. The role involves assisting in all operations of Clear Music – including the conceptualizing and maintaining the Clear Music social media channels and website, helping with incoming music researches, creating and managing new playlists on the Clear Music catalog-website, and highlighting Clear Music artists across all socials.

About Clear Music Amsterdam

Clear Music is the new Amsterdam based music agency. Our mission is to help brands move beyond content and become part of popular culture. Our services include music production, creative licensing, sonic branding (research & development) as well as legal and strategic music consultancy.

With a stellar catalog of music from artists, labels and music publishers all around the world, we help advertisers, film directors, game publishers and anyone who operates in the audiovisual arts reach their audiences where it counts; in the heart through the ears. Clear Music is quickly making waves and well on its way of becoming a household name in music for media.

Since we started back in 2021 we have delivered music to brands such as Lenovo, Prime Video, Table du Sud, Netflix, Moonback, and Videoland.

Who You Are

  • – Fluent in English (speaking and writing) and one other language. 
  • – A (demonstrably) strong interest in Music & Media (Advertising, Film, Television, Video Games, etc.) and Sonic Branding
  • – Communicative 
  • – Proficient with Google WorkSpace
  • – Able to work efficiently, both in team environments and autonomously
  • – Someone who likes to take initiative
  • – Basic knowledge of Keynote and Photoshop
  • – An appetite for creative copywriting and creative content creation (mostly for Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok.)

What We Offer

  • We offer the chance to be an integral part of a small and ambitious team with a flat hierarchy. In this role you’ll learn to know the inner workings of music rights, with a focus on music in media. A dynamic work environment with a start up mentality with free-flowing ideas. We also offer the opportunity to join for business meetings and events, to network with industry professionals, and attend concerts.

    Start; end of January 2023 until summer. The internship will be fulltime – meaning four days at our Amsterdam office and one day from home.

Sonic Branding according to Clear Music

Hearing Is Believing.

Mattijs van Andel and Jarl Hector got talking at a Sony listening session in 2016. That same evening they attended Amsterdam Dance Event together. Yet the fact that their skillsets were a match made in entrepreneurial heaven became apparent to them much later. Jarl is a musician and creative producer and Mattijs a business and legal advisor for the TV, film and music.

‘But the fun thing about this industry is, you don’t focus on selling as much as on building relationships on a shared passion.’ When Mattijs took to freelancing something started brewing. After Jarls sabbatical in Asia the guys reconnected. Slowly but surely a name, a brand and a mission came into existence. Clear Music was born.

How did you land on the name?


J: Clear Music means synergy between my creative and Mattijs’ legal experience. You’ll find plenty of people making good music in a studio, but many lack the required knowledge on copyright to know how to serve the international market. The year I sat atop that mountain in India, I experienced some sincere clarity of mind. The sound and message of the work we create for brands, I realised, need to be crystal clear.

M: The name also refers to music clearance. Besides inspired song selection, we ensure all creators and contributors have given permission for usage of their music. We offer the full business and creativity package. We make sure a piece of music really works and resonates with its audience. We provide brands with street credibility by working with artists, instead of utilising some track from a database. Finally, we make sure our client applies their sonic brand strategically and in such a way that it reaches their audience.

Do you work for both national or international clients?


M: We have partners and clients all over the world, not just in the Netherlands. Currently we are working with a game publisher from Poland. Many campaigns we create are geared towards a global audience. Jarl is half Swedish, so we also have some contacts there.

J: Borders fade. It doesn’t really matter to us where clients or creatives are based. When we do remote work with international musicians or producers we sit in with them over Zoom.

You became co-founders during the pandemic. How did that affect securing new clients?

M: During that time, we primarily secured new assignments through our existing network.

J: I know many people from backstage, back in my gigging days. If you’ve known someone for fifteen years, you trust them.

M: It’s nice to meet new people at events now. The randomness of connection-building is back.

J: Our cinema and tv campaign for Amazon Smile just premiered. We got that assignment through our office building neighbours, Blacklist Creative. They are Amazon’s creative agency. During a communal lunch we asked ‘hey, what are you guys up to?’ The rest is history.

Sonic branding means making brands audible. Why is that important?


J: Upcoming generations are far more likely to buy products from brands with a clear audio identity. And people are 96 % more likely to remember a brand if it has been paired with music. That is, if said music suits the logo. It’s our vision to build a brand a universe of sound. To reach and touch people’s hearts through their ears. It’s a misconception to think sonic branding is about nothing more than audio logo’s. The full picture has to make audible sense.

What is an audio logo?


M: It’s the melody you’ll hear play in your head when encountering a brand.

J: Sonic branding is as old as humanity itself. Every country has its national anthem and you recognise a religion by how it sounds. If, as a brand, you have not yet understood the value of a distinctive musical identity, you are lagging behind the Romans. When image and sound collide, magic happens. Try imagining Star Wars without its iconic opening score. It would just be some letters rolling across a screen. Neuroscientific research also shows; we’ll believe it when we’ve heard it. If back in the day we saw a rabbit on the savanna, but we would hear a lion’s roar, we would go by ear and make a run for it. More and more brands are catching on and understand the importance of audio. What tv meant to our parents and meant YouTube to us, is TikTok to the new generation. When such audio-first platforms get the upper hand, how will you uniquely define yourself without a decent audio brand? And how will you make sure people will interact with your audio logo?

“If, as a brand, you have not yet understood the value of a distinctive musical identity, you are lagging behind the Romans.”

What recent Clear Music work exemplifies your vision?


M: Unravel named our campaign for Alzheimer Nederland the Best Christmas Commercial. It also made the top three of the BUMA Music in Motion Awards.

J: In the commercial you hear MEAU do a beautiful cover of Willeke Alberti’s Samen Zijn (‘Being Together’).

M: Thanks to years of experience, we now always make sure to present our client with multiple creative routes, just in case it proves impossible to execute their original plan. Back when we presented MEAU to our client, she had not yet appeared in the Top 40. But we maintain close connections with artist managers and record labels. That is a nice extra for our clients; the fact that we have our feelers out in the field of music. That’s how we knew MEAU was going to make it big.

J: Samen Zijn is a classic and speaks to an older demographic, but by having up-and-coming MEAU cover the song it got a modern update. The original could have never generated such media impact. Research from the neuromarketing agency, Unravel, showed that our commercial made a bigger emotional impression on people than those of supermarkets Jumbo and Albert Heijn. That is how we won the award.

What is your favourite type of work to create?


J: I really enjoy working with brands who have taken a lot of time to figure out who they really are and what they stand for. People do not always know what to expect from a sonic branding project. But once they’ve realised ‘oh, we’ll be translating our brand values, this is going to be fun’, you start seeing that sparkle in their eyes.

M: We deliver creativity that works. We’re in the know and we keep up with things, like; which works will go out of copyright. The Banana Song has been in the public domain for over three years in the States.

J: Exactly. It’s just a matter of time before some banana brand seizes the opportunity. You could build such a great campaign around this. Wonder who’s going to get it?

M: It’s definitely some low-hanging fruit for Chiquita.


For the original version of this interview in Dutch as published in Porsche – Discovered, click here.

ADE x RA*W Tune In

RA*W TUNE IN x Clear Music for Advertising

Advertising industry’s worst kept secret:

Sound is one of the most important factors in branded content and campaigns. This is especially true for the newer generations of consumers, who are more than ever experiencing ‘sound-on’ content (TikTok, Insta-reels, etc.) and are therefore more inclined to engage with brands that have a fitting and memorable audio identity. Us humans are 96% more likely to remember (and purchase from) a brand if it has been paired with music that fits their brand identity across all touchpoints.

Sonic branding is as old as humanity itself. Every country has a national anthem and every society/culture in human history has used sound and music as a means to bring people together and communicate efficiently. If, as a brand, you’re not including sound as a fundamental pillar of your advertising and communication strategy, you’re missing out!

Clear Music’s Creative Director Jarl Hector will give an insightful peek behind the curtain into what it takes to move a brand’s marketing efforts from content to culture with the power of music 💜

The Program

16:00-16:30 Doors open

16:30-16:45 Opening / intro talk

16:45-17:05 The story of True Tone

17:05-18:00 Moving brands from Content To Culture – Keynote by Jarl Hector

18:00-18:30 Q&A

18:30-19:00 Closing drinks

19:00-00:00 ADE x SoHaso x Clear Music x NDSM Music x RA*W after party

When is it? Thursday 20 Oct 2022 , 16:30 – Midnight (CHEZ MINÉ: Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1, Amsterdam)

ADE x SoHaSo Label Night

ADE starts tomorrow, and we’re excited to head into town to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. For most of the week we’ll be attending events and partying, but on Thursday the 20th, we’re organizing our very own label showcase with our partners Something Happening Somewhere in Bos- en Lommer. And you’re invited! If you haven’t RSVP’d already, now is the time to do so via the link below.

(Yes, the legendary ADE SoHaSo drinks are back. Those who know, know…)

Something Happening Somewhere has built a respectable record for releasing stellar tracks by none other than Laurent Garnier, Bas Dobbelaer, Laura BCR, Cosmic Force and a broad spectrum of established producers. They’ll bring forward high-end electronic music for the dancefloor and beyond.

– Free Entry with sign up via Eventbrite link below –

Gamescom ’22 Recap

Our impressions and highlights

Gamescom ‘22 is behind us and it was a blast! It was great to finally meet up with people in person after a long time of talking to everyone from the industry via computer screens. Between the rooftop parties and hotel-lobby meetings, our week consisted mostly of scheduled meetings at the conference. But we also took plenty of time to browse all the booths in the business area, connect with publishers and developers and (of course) play some games!

No better time to rewind and share a few of our  impressions and highlights of the conference as first-timers. We loved seeing the reveals on Opening Night Live and Future Games Show. Geoff Keighley in his natural element is always a sight to behold, and with highly anticipated trailers for existing IP’s, and enticing reveal trailers for new franchises, Opening Night Live really had something for everyone.

Phantom Hellcat


We’re massively biased, but one of our personal highlights was seeing the reveal of the project that we had been working on for several months. Phantom Hellcat, from IronBird Creations, internal development studio at All In! Games was featured in both Opening Night Live and Future Games Show with two trailers featuring our track ‘Burn’ by 2WEI. It was great to see the positive reaction to the piece, the reveal ended up in a lot of ‘Highlights of GamesCom ‘22’ lists, so to see that audience response was a real thrill. And to finally meet the good people of the studios that are bringing the game to life was the cherry on top!




Opening Night Live started off strong with a new title called Everywhere, the first project from Build A Rocket Boy. The new studio, headed by Leslie Benzies (ex-Rockstar North), has been working on the title since 2016. The game’s director hinted that the game mixes a variety of different genres. The music in the trailer echoes that, with dreamy, female vocals, epic percussion and a mix of orchestral and synthesized sounds, building to that explosive montage ending-sequence.
Lies of P


Lies of P showed off Gameplay for the first time at ONL, the highly anticipated action RPG from industry-leading innovator Neowiz is a Souls-like RPG, set in a dystopian, steampunk future world, with a story based on the tale of Pinocchio. The music is fast and bombastic, with strings, choral vocals, bringing that feeling of doom that you would expect to hear when facing an unbeatable enemy in a Souls-game.


Dead Island 2


Fans have been calling for this one for a long time; gameplay of Dead Island 2 was finally revealed, 8 years after it’s announcement in 2014. The CGI trailer showcased the glorious sun and blood-drenched setting, a hellish, yet stylish version of Los Angeles, nicknamed HELL-A. The dark humor and over-the-top visuals of the piece were accompanied by the 2016 SWMRS track ‘Drive North’, one of the most interesting syncs of ONL. The fast-paced, post-punk track brilliantly captures the chaotic vibe of the trailer..

Gamescom is not the oldest gaming conference in the world, but it certainly has become one of the biggest and most prestigious. With 265.000 visitors that attended this year’s edition, and over 1.000 exhibitors, the conference has become one of the most important networking events for any company that is involved in a service that relates to video games somehow – whether it’s a creative agency or music company. It was Clear Music’s first time at the Koelnmesse, but certainly not the last, as we’ll definitely be back next year. In cosplay!

Lemon Wax

Clear Music Amsterdam partners up with Lemon Wax for Mutual Sync Representation

We’re very excited to announce that we’re partnering up with Lemon Wax for a mutual sync representation deal. When we met the Lemon Wax team in our Amsterdam office earlier this summer, we instantly fell in love with their diverse catalog of enticing tracks. Lemon Wax is one of the finest new record labels from Londen, their catalog is bursting with musical gems in lots of different styles, often brilliantly mixing electronic and acoustic elements, crossing the boundaries of genre-expectation.

The production quality of their catalog is of the highest order. All of the artists on the Lemon Wax roster are young and full of attitude, mostly UK-based and have been gathering an impressive amount of streams and listens in a short period of time. C.U.T., for example, has a staggering 1,5 million streams on Spotify.

From the dark, electronic pop of Butter to the upbeat, contemporary, swaggery tracks by C.U.T, the thumping dance music from Hush with clean cut sound design, to the hip hop- and soul influenced tracks by Hackney Blaze. These are tracks that are just as well suited for the dancefloor as for sync.

We are very excited to be working alongside Clear Music! We are always looking to collaborate with like minded individuals and organisations that share our goals and visions so this was always going to be a perfect fit. We can't wait to get the music of Lemon Wax out there and start working on some fresh and exciting work alongside one another

Amelia CaseLemon Wax - Creative Licensing Manager

Clear Music vows to deliver the best music for our clients, to help them move their marketing effort from content to culture. Our partnership with Lemon Wax will help us deliver on that promise. In our vision, the more original works of music are, the better the chances they have of connecting with the message of moving image and therefore resonate with an audience. The unapologetic uniqueness of the Lemon Wax artists makes us excited to move forward together!

Jarl HectorClear Music Amsterdam - ECD / Co-Founder

The Future Of (Sonic) Branding

Your audience is listening, are you?

A Tonal  Shift

There’s a major shift going in the world of branding and advertising, and it’s all about sound. Over the past decades, audio has become widely adopted as a highly influential, versatile way for brands to connect with audiences. Research shows that sonic cues are one of the most effective assets for gaining branded attention –  a recent Ipsos-study found that brand linkage and recall increase by over 8x when distinctive brand sounds are incorporated in ads. Allow us to elaborate:

The Audio Generation

Sound is one of the primary tools in audiovisual marketing, mostly because it operates at a subconscious level. Meaning that audio has the power to resonate and remain with the audience for a longer period of time than visuals alone. Audio has always been a large part of our daily lives, but there’s a growing percentage of the population that are living an increasing part of their lives with headphones on. This allows brands to communicate more directly than ever, wherever consumers might be.

The power of sound in brand marketing and communications is well documented and backed by various points of research and data. Recent studies even show that a large percentage of (young) adults feel more positively towards brands with a sonic identity than those without. Over one-third of adults under the age of 35 are more inclined to buy (or engage otherwise) from a brand that has a distinct sonic identity in line with brand values.

In the near future, Gen Z will be one of the most interesting consumer markets for brands by far. This generation has grown up with a much more extensive and constant stream of information than those before. A great example of this is the rise of TikTok and the changing landscape of social media.


It’s no secret that TikTok is here to stay. It’s the fastest growing social media platform that will inevitably drive interest in music from brands that seek to make a connection with their audience. The sovereignty of TikTok was clearly visible a couple of weeks ago when Meta overhauled their Facebook and Instagram interfaces to prioritize ‘Reels’. Though short-lived, (the changes were reversed after just two days due to backlash) the move itself is very revealing. The most interesting lesson to learn from the situation is that Gen Z is interested in sound; TikTok has put sound and music at the core of current marketing – a welcome strategy for both brands and artists.

The Future Of (Sonic) Branding

So what does this mean for sonic branding? As more companies create sonic brands/identities, they will learn and understand the true power of sound. It is only a matter of time before many brands will extend their newfound sonic knowledge to the assets they use in marketing. In fact, there’s a good opportunity for brands that prioritize sounds now to own the sonic space, thus gaining advantage over competitors.

Brands will get smarter about how they use their sonic assets as well. Delivering a branded sonic cue at the most appropriate consumer touchpoints is a highly effective approach to rapidly build a brand-audience connection. Think of the Netflix ‘Ta Dum’ delivered at the precise moment that the consumer is in a relaxed but hyper-receptive state, or an exaggerated version of that effect when an audience hears and sees the iconic MGM – lion roar in the cinema before. A similar effect is achieved with Mastercard adding their sonic logo at the exact moment a purchase is confirmed. But also the notification sound on your phone or laptop when you get a message are prime examples of well thought out sonic branding.

To make sure we can offer the best possible service when it comes to sonic branding, Clear Music closely monitors relevant developments and research when it comes to branding, advertising, and the role that audio plays in that realm. The way in which audiences connect with brands and media is always changing, we aim to change right along with them.

Our Favorite Syncs of 2022

Why sync works

We’ve made it halfway through 2022, a year that’s marked by the pandemic slowly disappearing and life returning to normal. For us, it seemed like a perfect moment to take a breather and look back on our favorite syncs in films and series in the first half of 2022.

There are many reasons to use a popular track in a film, tv series or trailer. For starters, it is a great opportunity for an upcoming artist to have their music exposed to a large audience that may not be familiar with their music. Or vice versa, a deep cut by a popular artist could get a whole new life (and even chart) after a placement in a popular tv-show or film. And when a popular song is used in a trailer, it can be a very effective marketing strategy to get a large number of people interested in an upcoming film. Finally, using a sync in a film or series is a great way to imply a certain emotion or motivation, without having the characters actually narrate it.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our favorite syncs of the first half of 2022!

Stranger Things Season 4

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

Naturally, the sync that takes the top spot is the much talked about, iconic use of Kate Bush ‘85 classic, ‘Running Up that Hill’ in the latest season of Stranger Things. We won’t spoil any scenes here, but let’s just say that the song is used in a way that is critical to the story, in a scene that is arguably the most beautiful of the entire fourth season. Bush herself commented on the use of her track, saying that “it’s a lovely way for the song to be used in such a positive way, as a kind of talisman for one of the characters”. She also mentions that it’s very special that a whole new audience, who may have never heard of her, are discovering this song and hearing it for the first time.

The placement has already helped Kate Bush and her song break several records; At 63, she’s now the oldest woman to get to number 1 in the chart, and 37 years is the longest time it’s taken for a song after release to reach the top spot in the charts. We’re hoping to see the song make a return in the second half of the season, which premieres July 1st.

Ozark Season 4

Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me

The final Ozark-season started off very strong with a flash-forward scene in which Marty, Wendy, Charlotte and Jonah listen to the classic Sam Cooke song on the radio in their car, when they have to suddenly evade an oncoming truck, and end up in a burning car wreck. This is a great example of creating a false sense of security by playing a peaceful, easy track, and then suddenly transitioning to chaos and violence. But the use of the track may have been placed there for other reasons;

Throughout the Ozark-series, the creators have always used popular songs that are in some way applicable to the characters’ motivations or their story arcs. A clever viewer has spotted that the song could possibly symbolize Marty and Wendy’s relationship by the end. As they have gone so far in their involvement with drug cartels, politics and law enforcement, they are left with no-one to trust and understand but themselves. This is beautifully reflected in the lyrics of the Sam Cooke track:

“You know I’ll always be your slave. ‘Til I’m buried, buried in my grave. Oh honey, bring it to me”

“You know I tried to treat you right. But you stayed out, stayed out at night. But I forgive you, bring it to me”

The Batman (trailer)

Nirvana – Something In The Way

‘Something in the Way’ was never released as a single and never a consistent part of Nirvana’s live setlist. However, the track charted for the first time in August 2020, after appearing in the first trailer for The Batman. Using a popular song for a film or trailer is a great way to get people interested in an upcoming film. It’s also a good way for a song or artist to get more exposure. In the week surrounding the release of the film, the Nirvana song saw a 734% increase in music streams, and was propelled high into the Billboard charts.

The use of the track was inspired by Matt Reeves’ exploration of the Nirvana catalog when he was writing the film early on. He said that “there was something about ‘Something in the Way’ that became part of the voice of that character. The truth is that [Robert Pattinson’s as Batman] is some kind of drug addict. His addiction is this drive for revenge. He’s like Batman Kurt Cobain.”

Better Call Saul Season 6

Jackie Gleason Orchestra – The Days Of Wine And Roses

For the opening of the highly anticipated sixth and final season of Better Call Saul, showrunner Peter Gould was inspired by the classic 1962 film The Days of Wine and Roses, with the song by the same name composed by Henry Mancini. The instrumental piece, in a recording by the Jackie Gleason Orchestra, was played as Jimmy’s house is ransacked by authorities and items are seized. Gould commented that the 1962 film was talked about a lot in the writers room. “It’s a tragic love story and so that felt right.” The showrunner is ofcourse talking about the relationship between Saul Goodman and Kim Wexler, a love story that has been more dramatic than tragic at this point. But there is still half a season to go, so no-one knows where they might end up at the end of the series.

Thor: Love & Thunder (trailer)

Guns n’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

The first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder was released on April 18, 2022. A mere two and a half months before the release of the final film. Fans had been hoping for a first glimpse of Chris Hemsworth’s fourth time starring as the God of Thunder for a long time. With only two and a half months before release to get audiences hyped up, the trailer needed to have a really spectacular soundtrack to maximize anticipation. And they found it in ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine, with Slash’s recognizable guitar work and Axl Rose’s ultimate, sing-along chorus.

Not only is the song the right choice because of its popularity, it also fits the narrative of the teaser. As it progresses, we see Thor bury his fearsome weapon Stormbreaker and declare that his “super hero-ing days are over.” This message is matched in the track’s lyrics, singing “pray that the thunder and rain would quietly pass me by.” Could this foreshadow the end of Thor as we know him?

We’re more than happy to help find, license or create the perfect song for your project. Hit us up via the button below and we’ll make it happen!

Sonic Branding on TikTok

Why you should use TikTok for Sonic Branding and Audio Advertising

To many working in the creative industry, TikTok might seem like the new platform that you are fully aware of, but aren’t actively using. And for those of you that are more familiar with what TikTok is, you probably know that it is referred to as a ‘sound-on’ platform. What that means is that the only way to consume content on the platform is with sound. Music and sound are very much at the forefront of the TikTok experience, which makes it a very interesting area for musicians, and even more for brands and advertisers. The prominence of audio content makes TikTok a platform that requires the users’ full attention, unlike other platforms that can easily be used more as a background activity while the user is doing something else.

And since sonic branding is becoming an increasingly important tool for brands to communicate their identity and message, now is a good time to make a move towards advertising on TikTok and start using its potential towards brand awareness.

How to use Sonic Branding on Tik Tok: User-generated sonic branding

When discussing sonic branding on TikTok, it’s good to know that while consumer attention is uniquely focused, it’s also short. The fact is that most users will only look at most videos for a number of seconds, unless the content is engaging and unique. It’s an important thing to keep in mind when running ads on TikTok with a sonic logo. A way to deal with this is to incorporate the sonic logo directly from the start, or to at least introduce it early on. A sonic logo played at the end of an ad (as is tradition in ‘older’ media) will almost certainly be unheard. And since the platform is so competitive for the user’s attention, your logo has to stand out in some way. On their own website, TikTok shares that trends are mostly based around songs or audio snippets, rather than broad-scale sound design. For brands, it means that they should aim to create something distinctive, something they can own, so they can stay in people’s minds and stand out from their competitors. If the brand’s sound is ‘average’, it will disappear in the TikTok void.

And on the topic of sonic logos; an article published in Forbes warns brands and advertisers of constantly ‘hitting’ their audience with the same audio logo for years. This tactic may have run its course in terms of effectiveness. There is a real appetite within consumers to interact with the brands they love on a deeper level. And while we still believe that there is an importance to sonic logos when it comes to brand recognition and consumer recall, now is the time to look at a more interactive approach to the brand-consumer relationship. By allowing the usage and modifying of your sonic brand, it enables your audience to engage in a whole new way. It’s a positive way for the audience to participate in audio branding, which is a great method to raise brand awareness and perception. When you invite your core consumer to take the audio aspects and be creative with it, it builds a more dedicated audience, or even fanbase. Much in the same way they would interact with their favorite artists. This is one of the best ways to establish a long-term relationship with your audience. Right now, TikTok is the ideal platform to start exploring the way you can establish a deeper connection with your target audience. At this point, the platform still consists of solely user-generated content.

The Future: Where Does Audio Branding Go From Here?

To create an audio identity in today’s world means that you really need to think about where users are experiencing audio, and that is changing constantly. Right now, it makes sense for brands to build advertising with audio as a primary creative driver, especially when it comes to platforms like TikTok. But then again, social media platforms are always in a race for popularity, and it often happens that a new idea can conquer the whole market. The best aspects of a new platform are always taken over by other (competing) platforms. Look at how ‘stories’ began on Snapchat, and were then implemented on Facebook and Instagram, and are now the content of choice on TikTok. In a similar manner, the prominence of audio on TikTok could be the basis of an entirely new platform that is audio-only. For brands and advertisers that want to stay in touch with this changing landscape of advertising, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and course correct when needed. But an increasingly vital role for audio seems to be the common denominator between these new developments.

We love helping brands discover new creative forms to interact with audiences. If you want to make the most out of your sonic branding and other audio advertising on TikTok, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help out!