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ADE x RA*W Tune In

RA*W TUNE IN x Clear Music for Advertising

Advertising industry’s worst kept secret:

Sound is one of the most important factors in branded content and campaigns. This is especially true for the newer generations of consumers, who are more than ever experiencing ‘sound-on’ content (TikTok, Insta-reels, etc.) and are therefore more inclined to engage with brands that have a fitting and memorable audio identity. Us humans are 96% more likely to remember (and purchase from) a brand if it has been paired with music that fits their brand identity across all touchpoints.

Sonic branding is as old as humanity itself. Every country has a national anthem and every society/culture in human history has used sound and music as a means to bring people together and communicate efficiently. If, as a brand, you’re not including sound as a fundamental pillar of your advertising and communication strategy, you’re missing out!

Clear Music’s Creative Director Jarl Hector will give an insightful peek behind the curtain into what it takes to move a brand’s marketing efforts from content to culture with the power of music 💜

The Program

16:00-16:30 Doors open

16:30-16:45 Opening / intro talk

16:45-17:05 The story of True Tone

17:05-18:00 Moving brands from Content To Culture – Keynote by Jarl Hector

18:00-18:30 Q&A

18:30-19:00 Closing drinks

19:00-00:00 ADE x SoHaso x Clear Music x NDSM Music x RA*W after party

When is it? Thursday 20 Oct 2022 , 16:30 – Midnight (CHEZ MINÉ: Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1, Amsterdam)

ADE x SoHaSo Label Night

ADE starts tomorrow, and we’re excited to head into town to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. For most of the week we’ll be attending events and partying, but on Thursday the 20th, we’re organizing our very own label showcase with our partners Something Happening Somewhere in Bos- en Lommer. And you’re invited! If you haven’t RSVP’d already, now is the time to do so via the link below.

(Yes, the legendary ADE SoHaSo drinks are back. Those who know, know…)

Something Happening Somewhere has built a respectable record for releasing stellar tracks by none other than Laurent Garnier, Bas Dobbelaer, Laura BCR, Cosmic Force and a broad spectrum of established producers. They’ll bring forward high-end electronic music for the dancefloor and beyond.

– Free Entry with sign up via Eventbrite link below –

Best wishes for 2022!

Jarl Hector Clear Music Amsterdam Mattijs van Andel

Clear Music Amsterdam wishes you the best possible 2022! With both feet firmly planted in 2022, the Clear Music team would like to extend our best wishes to all of you for the new year and look forward to another year of exciting opportunities.

Last year has marked the start of our venture as a music company, and we can look back on and be grateful for some great projects and collaborations for our first year of bringing together brands, music and media. We have spent time strengthening relationships with artists, agencies, music professionals, and film production companies so we can take our client’s work beyond the next level and strike a deep chord with their target audience.

Celine Cairo – Found a Light (Live at Concertgebouw Amsterdam)

Get your favourite headphones or turn on your best set of speakers and dive in. And if you are looking for an intimate, heart piercing soundtrack for your next project, act fast because soon she’ll be too big for all of us. Celine Cairo is one of the artists that we fully represent (master and publishing), and we plan on highlighting more of our artist and songwriters roster on a regular basis in the coming year.

Listen to here latest album ‘Overflow’ here:


Sonic Identity & Audio Logo

Last summer, we partnered up with Moonback to create a Sonic Identity and Audio Logo for their brand. Determined on creating a track that resonated their message and evoke positive and energetic emotion, the song we created for Moonback features elements from various musical genres, different cultures and musical eras. The back-bone of the song is a late 80’s inspired disco-pop beat that is both laid back and driving at the same time.

Moonback’s journey started in 2020 with a LinkedIn post that went viral and was viewed by 2.5 million people. This was shortly followed by a crowdfunding campaign, where 1.524 people collectively invested a whopping 2 million euros – simply because they believed in their mission of providing honest service for easy hotel bookings.

Alzheimer Stichting Nederland

Music Supervision, Licensing and Re-recording

One of our highlights of the past year would be working together with Alzheimer Nederland, a non-profit organization to create and produce music for their Christmas advertising campaign. We chose to rework a classic Dutch song ‘Samen Zijn’ with Meau, who is rapidly taking over the Dutch indie singer-songwriter scene. She went from playing her first show in front of an audience in June of 2021, to headlining a tour of all major Dutch clubs in 2022. The ad was awarded “Best Christmas Campaign of 2021” by neuromarketing research institute; Unravel. Watch their webinar here (in Dutch).

25 Jaar Quote 500

Music Supervision & Audio Post Production

We had a great time working with Quote on the 25-minute documentary celebrating the 25th release of the Quote 500. Together with director Laurens Hulshof, we carefully selected the perfect accompanying pieces to fit the tone of the documentary, and help communicating it’s message. You can watch the full documentary here.

Jarl Hector Clear Music Amsterdam Mattijs van Andel Jarl Hector Clear Music Amsterdam Mattijs van Andel

2022 and beyond

In the new year, we can’t wait to connect with you to elevate your productions and strengthen your messages. So if you have a project where music supervision, a custom track, or sonic branding is needed, or you’re just looking to schedule an introduction, contact us!


Mattijs, Steven & Jarl

Clear Music on Sonic Branding

In short, a Sonic Brand is the entire spectrum of sounds that is connected to a brand, product or service. In most modern cases, this connection has been intentionally developed to help an audience associate those specific sounds and musical elements with said brand.

All of this with the goal of connecting companies and consumers on a deeper, emotional level. Sonic branding is an important layer of a modern brand’s experience that draws in potential customers and helps make a brand memorable.

A study conducted by Leicester University professors Adrien North and David Hargreaves showed that 96% of consumers are more likely to remember a brand if it is paired with music that fits the brand identity. And 24% are more inclined to purchase items linked with music they remember and enjoy. It is for that reason that brands choose to spend more time crafting their sonic identity in order to create a better connection with their target audience and get the most out of their marketing budget.


Loving it?

But let’s take it to the modern day. In this era of digital transformation, brands and agencies are capitalizing on the effect of audio for marketing purposes. Some of the most recognizable instances of sonic branding of the past 50 years include the ringtone on the Apple Iphone and the classic 5-note McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ melody. It’s the Microsoft Windows startup sound and Netflix’ ‘TUDUM’. These examples are commonly known as sonic logos. They are often at the centre of a sonic branding campaign and consist of a short, memorable hook that is meant to represent a brand’s identity and message. However, sonic branding is still at its best when it reaches across multiple brand touchpoints.

Understanding Music & Brand Values?

Music has a very specific power to trigger emotional responses in people. Therefore it is a good idea to be familiar with the various effects that come with different instruments and their timbres. Strings can evoke feelings of nostalgia, the trumpet can make people feel courageous, the rhythm of drums can bring forth something more primal, and a human voice can make us feel comforted. Different melodies, keys, tonalities and chord progressions also influence the way music makes us feel. A thorough understanding of these different aspects and musical qualities is the reason that sonic branding agencies exist. To help brands translate their message and vision into a targeted, integrated approach.

Are you looking to enhance your brand with a sonic identity? Click on ‘Learn More’ to learn about our REDI-Model™ for Sonic Branding.

About Clear Music Amsterdam

We are your professional partner in Audio Branding, Advertising Music, Sync Licensing that pop song that popped into your head and creating bespoke soundtracks for film, campaigns, TV and streaming series. We license and promote artists, we create audio identities for brands, film and podcasts and we assist in dealmaking and the legal aspects of music and media from A to Z.