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Clear Music Amsterdam partners up with Something Happening Somewhere for Exclusive Sync Representation

Electronic music is essential to modern Dutch music culture, and has always been at the very heart of us at Clear Music. Founders Jarl en Mattijs, both DJ & producers, have been in love with the Dutch electronic music scene since their younger years. With Dutch roots, they have enjoyed staying close to the culture and have always been fascinated with the effect it can have when matched with visuals.

All the more reason that we’re thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with Something Happening Somewhere as their exclusive sync representative. Ever since founding SoHaSo in 2013, Nuno Dos Santos has built a reputation of releasing high-end electronic music for the dancefloor and beyond. SoHaSo has all but conquered the Dutch electronic scene with over 40 releases from artists like Eefje de Visser, Dwaalgast, Bas Dobbelaer, Laura BCR, Love Over Entropy, Dixon and Null Wave , and a huge roster of producers, new talent and Nuno himself under various aliases. Aside from releasing records and label-merchandise, Something Happening Somewhere regularly organizes label events (at local Dutch stages and Amsterdam Dance Event) and stage-hostings on festivals. 2022 is shaping up to be an excellent year for SoHaSo with lots of exciting releases on the horizon and we couldn’t be more excited to partner up!

We’re excited to work with Clear Music and match our music to new vibes and contexts. I would love to see our stuff in a nature documentary, some David Lynch-type movie, or some futuristic science fiction game. Besides the existing catalog, our roster of talented artists is ready and able to produce anything in the electronic music spectrum on demand. The mission is to put our music out into the world for people to enjoy, and to support the artists involved. This new collaboration helps to do exactly that.

Nuno Dos SantosSomething Happening Somewhere - Label Owner

It will be an absolute honour to represent the music released by SoHaSo for sync purposes. The songs tell us a variety of stories. While many tracks in the catalogue are almost impossible not to dance to, the music suits many alternative occasions and artforms.

Jarl HectorClear Music Amsterdam - ECD / Co-Founder