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Here you’ll find a selection of songs and masters available for sync licensing. Reach out if you need help finding the right piece of music or to get a licensing quote.

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Son Little

Andy Shauf

Janne Schra
The Marias

Something Happening, Somewhere (SOHASO)

French HipHop/Rap + Beats
Ryan Innes – What I’m Looking For (Deluxe)

Kinds Of Courage – Production Music Vol. 273 – Shape The World

The N3W N3W & SYDNY – Victory
Mothership Music Publishing

Synchronicities ’21

Celine Cairo
Michelle Tracy – High Heels In The Moshpit (EP)

A band called FRIDAY

Epic Orchestral Violin Film Clear Music Amsterdam
Epic Orchestral
Tense Neoclassical
Nineties Throwback Covers Original Clear Music Amsterdam
Back To The 90’s
Product Launch Commercial TV Sales Clear Music Amsterdam
Launch Your Product
Positive Joy Happy Clear Music Amsterdam
Positive Vibes Only
Heartbreak Motivation Grief Clear Music Amsterdam
Overcoming Hardships
Fight Survive Overcome Clear Music Amsterdam
Fight and Survival
Female Empowerment July 2021 Clear Music Amsterdam SYNC
Female Empowerment
Spaghetti Western Swagger
Epic Trailer Explosive TV Film Clear Music Amsterdam
Epic Trailer Soundtracks
For fans of HAIM | Maggie Rogers
Den Jameson Clear Music Amsterdam Happy Groovy
For fans of Anderson .Paak | Gnarls Barkley | Aloe Blacc
Clear Music Amsterdam
Waiting Game
By Motiv
By Wanted Music
By Hot Fuss