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RA*W TUNE IN x Clear Music for Advertising

Advertising industry’s worst kept secret:

Sound is one of the most important factors in branded content and campaigns. This is especially true for the newer generations of consumers, who are more than ever experiencing ‘sound-on’ content (TikTok, Insta-reels, etc.) and are therefore more inclined to engage with brands that have a fitting and memorable audio identity. Us humans are 96% more likely to remember (and purchase from) a brand if it has been paired with music that fits their brand identity across all touchpoints.

Sonic branding is as old as humanity itself. Every country has a national anthem and every society/culture in human history has used sound and music as a means to bring people together and communicate efficiently. If, as a brand, you’re not including sound as a fundamental pillar of your advertising and communication strategy, you’re missing out!

Clear Music’s Creative Director Jarl Hector will give an insightful peek behind the curtain into what it takes to move a brand’s marketing efforts from content to culture with the power of music 💜

The Program

16:00-16:30 Doors open

16:30-16:45 Opening / intro talk

16:45-17:05 The story of True Tone

17:05-18:00 Moving brands from Content To Culture – Keynote by Jarl Hector

18:00-18:30 Q&A

18:30-19:00 Closing drinks

19:00-00:00 ADE x SoHaso x Clear Music x NDSM Music x RA*W after party

When is it? Thursday 20 Oct 2022 , 16:30 – Midnight (CHEZ MINÉ: Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1, Amsterdam)