Sonic Branding & Sync

Looking for a partner to create, find and license the perfect sound, music or noise for your brand, campaign or movie?

We get it, music can be a tedious process. Getting the right song, at the right time, for the right price. That’s where we come in. Clear Music creates, finds and licenses striking sound, music or noise for any purpose.

We are your professional partner in Audio Branding, Advertising Music, Sync Licensing that pop song that popped into your head and creating bespoke soundtracks for film, campaigns, TV and streaming series. We license and promote artists, we create audio identities for brands, film and podcasts and we assist in dealmaking and the legal aspects of music and media from A to Z.

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Indie spirit, global network

Through years of working with artists, sound designers, music companies and record labels we have gathered a diverse network of professionals that we like and who like us back. Through this we are able to connect the right people for any project and profit from our track record and the mutual respect we have built over the years.

Our ultimate goal is to make your message resonate with your audience. That means striking a chord and touching people where it counts, in the heart, through the ears. For this we have developed a four step plan of action to go from brief to final product in a sound and successful way.

Discover the REDI-Model for Sonic Branding

Sonic Branding with the Clear Music REDI-Model™

The REDI model is a four step plan of action designed as the method behind our craft. To make our process insightful and show the necessary steps to go from brief to final product in a sound and successful way.


Striking music starts with thought through insights. We dive head first into the DNA of the project, our client and their music briefing. Building on existing brand values and input. We combine data, AI and creative insights with acoustic and analogue expertise. And translate this into sonic values and a full-spectrum plan on how to use music to your advantage.


Next we convert our findings into possible routes and concepts. We always like to look beyond the music. Maybe there’s a hook for PR, a creative licensing opportunity or an insight with your audience. Think of it like a jam session without instruments. Trying different things to see what fits, gut feeling and experience leading the way.


After selecting and refining our approach together with our clients we swing into action. Diving into the music studio, voice over studio, or contacting the right artists for the job. We make sure whatever has to be done, happens quickly, diligently and with great care and attention. Involving the right artists and music professionals from our vast and diverse network.


Implementation of music is a step often taken too lightly. Clear music is full service, meaning we stay involved to the finish line. Guarding consistency, execution and application. Ensuring that what we set out to achieve, is accomplished. The ultimate goal is to make things resonate. Not just work, but strike a chord deep within the hearts of your target demographic.